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MacHeist 3

The heist has already begun! It’s that time for MacHeist 3!

At this point there has already been a few microMissions and a full Mission, at this point we are awaiting the next mission…but some great apps have already been had!

This time around the Directorate has placed everyone on teams and implemented a points system on the site which points are earned by participation on the site. While we don’t know what the points are for just yet, its been great to get involved in the community on the forums, in the IRC, listening to the podcasts, and getting to know other heisters.

For those of you who are Mac users and aren’t aware of MacHeist. It’s a community of mac users and developers who participate in planned events by the MacHeist Directorate coordinating puzzles and missions for community users to complete for free fully licensed mac applications.

Also, at the end of the Heist, the Directorate releases a ‘bundle’ of applications for sale. The bundle is basically a bunch of mac applications rounded up and sold at a very discounted rate. So instead of going out and purchasing each application for full price, users can purchase these apps all at once for cheap. In turn, the developers, who make there apps apart of the bundle are promoting their applications by selling a very large amount of them cheaper thus for some increasing profit they would have not gained otherwise and hopefully increase the user base that will pay to upgrade the applications as they are updated with new versions and features.

All around a great program that comes around about once a year, it’s a lot of fun being part of the community and the mystery of the heists. Best of all, you get free useful (most of them) apps.

If you have yet to check it out, it’s definitely worth it! Explore the heist here.