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Steve I will miss you.

It’s a very sad and dark day for me to hear one of my idols in life has passed. Steve’s existence in this life has had such a profound influence on this world that most truly will never realize or be able to appreciate. A true innovator that saw the connection between art, technology, the future, and beyond.

A very bitter sweet day to think about how excited I am for the new iPhone 4S to come out in just a week or so. I know that what he strived for was making products that would change peoples lives. The one thing I owe a debt of gratitude to Steve for is exactly that. I can think of countless times where his products have made my life exponentially easier. To top that off it did it with style.

He had the ability to inspire like no one i’ve ever seen. I reflect on his 2005 harvard commencement speech and an interview he did on the secrets of life that will stay with me forever.

Steve, I will miss you. I wish you were with us now.

Never stop, never quit, get it done.

Well, today makes it official…I finished up my work at St. Philips College and received an associates degrees in Economics and Business Administration, only to be accepted at the University of Texas at San Antonio to get my bachelors! I’m once again a Roadrunner! When I graduated high school I got my college start there and however how short that time was and long story that was, Im extremely excited to be back. It feels surreal really, a bit of dejavu mixed in with the unknown. I’m not far off from my goal, and going to make this the best thing ever.

Also, next year my school is going to start to participate in one of my favorite past-times, FOOTBALL! The road runners kick off in 2011! I can’t wait to be there (in my season ticket seats) cheering them on for the kick-off to there great program which is headed by a former national championship coach! So excited!

Wow, An amazing day…

Catching my breath from such a great day, today was one of the greatest days ever. I was apart of something really special. My best friend Chad and his new wife Zahra were married! It’s hard to believe it’s here, a whirlwind the last year. I’ve just had a blast in the days leading up to this, writing my best man speech (freaking out about it), spending time with family and friends and made many new ones!

After seeing them off tonight I cannot help but reflect on what was just a happy amazing day. Even with little challenges everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time!

Even though I was so nervous, I didn’t horrible wreck my speech, and actually got some nice comments back on it. Can’t wait to see it once the video comes in. I also can’t wait to see all the pictures from today i know they will look great. I managed to snap a few pics when I could. As you can see just a perfect day.

Congrats again to my best friends Chad and Zahra! Enjoy that honeymoon!!

My new car!

So I finally got my car! I have had a good opportunity to drive it, and I must say it’s amazing. I am enjoying it far more then I thought I would. It’s everything I wanted and more. As promised, here are some pics of it…sweet right?! If you want a ride $20/mile. 🙂

New Scion xB Ordered!

I didn’t get a chance to post about it till now but last weekend I ordered my new 2010 Scion xB! I can’t wait, I am so excited to have a new car!! It should be here in about 4-6 weeks from now. I’ve been wanting one for some time and was about to pull the trigger when I found out about the 2010 model which for the same price as the 2009 had a better stereo and some new features. So I went with that one and picked it in Sting-ray Metallic, a kind of blue with silver, which looks different depending on the lighting. I also added in the Bluetooth car kit and the 16″ Alloy wheels. It’ll have window tinting and a few other things added on as well.

Welcome to My Half-Acre!

Welcome to My Half-Acre! This blog is the land and the foundation to my personal journeys. I will share with you my thoughts, progress, and news on each of them as they propel me into new dimensions of my life. I am excited to get started! Please bear with me while I get started. I want to make this blog a great place to share the things that are making an impact on my life.