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Steve I will miss you.

It’s a very sad and dark day for me to hear one of my idols in life has passed. Steve’s existence in this life has had such a profound influence on this world that most truly will never realize or be able to appreciate. A true innovator that saw the connection between art, technology, the future, and beyond.

A very bitter sweet day to think about how excited I am for the new iPhone 4S to come out in just a week or so. I know that what he strived for was making products that would change peoples lives. The one thing I owe a debt of gratitude to Steve for is exactly that. I can think of countless times where his products have made my life exponentially easier. To top that off it did it with style.

He had the ability to inspire like no one i’ve ever seen. I reflect on his 2005 harvard commencement speech and an interview he did on the secrets of life that will stay with me forever.

Steve, I will miss you. I wish you were with us now.

A holiday message.

On this Christmas Eve, I awoke to an awe inspiring Christmas state of mind. Filled with many happy thoughts and excitement for the new year. I wanted to take time and reflect over the past year and think about the future as I look to the new year. Let me start by saying I am truly grateful for the people that I have in my life. My family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances i’ve interacted with over the past year. Without all of the love, support, and companionship each of you provided over the course of the past year I was able to achieve many great things. While I can’t deny there were just as many downs as there were ups. I had the strength to use the good and push through the bad like never before.

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Ravens in the AFC championship game!

As a devout Ravens fan, I thought I would share with you my thought’s on today’s playoff games.

Firstly, the Eagles and the Cardinals. The Eagles should clearly win this game, they are tough mentally and physically and have built up enough steam from midseason to beat any team, any day in this league. Being counted out and looked down upon they rose to the occasion and played like a real championship team. A very nice in your face to those who gave up and called for a witching. The Cardinals they are a good team, a team that deserves to be where they are but as far as seasons go they don’t stack up against the best.

Now, I got everything I asked for thus far and more in regards to the Ravens. They have had a great season and have exploded in the playoffs from 6th seed to team to beat. Being a real football fan in my mind I picked the teams to advance that were the most competitive team in the match-ups, not necessarily the teams that give the Ravens the easiest path to the Superbowl. So I got what I wanted a tough as nails, gritty, unearthing matchup at the unforgiving heinz field between the Ravens and the Steelers.

Even though the Steelers beat the Ravens in both meetings during the regular season (One by last second field goal and other by erroneous and questionable review call of a late Steelers touchdown) the Ravens have the defense and a good solid quarterback to ensure a victory.

So there is my quick and very perceptive analysis. Not much else to say really, but GO RAVENS!

P.S. I am still wallowing in the loss that was the Colts season, they had a heck of a run but couldn’t hang on against the Chargers in the end. As much as I want to see the Steelers lose I enjoyed watching them dismantle the Chargers last week in the divisional. But true champions know that you can’t win it all the time, do your best and you’ll be back on top in no time.