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Spurs in the house!

At least a couple times a year I get to go to a spurs game and cheer on my favorite basketball team. Always score these same great seats and have a blast. This game was no exception. Starting of terribly and out of focus the spurs rallied and came back at the start of the second have to pull out a strong win! They never lose when I attend. ‘Just sayin’ Anyway as usual even the admiral was in attendance. Always nice to see the biggest support for our spurs.

I had a great time at the game and can’t wait for the next one!

Rough em’ Rampage!

I always enjoy going to sporting events, and seeing the SA Rampage is no different. Scoring some free tickets from work to see them in action was great. To my surprise they put us right at the glass! A great experience, fun game, and we won a couple of shirts too! Can’t wait for next season!

It’s a repeat! The B Team take the Fantasy Football championship again!

This is the second year in a row I have won the Fantasy Football championship in our league.

Like last year, where I went 1-5 then 2-6 only to win out by tie breaker from there to win, I started out slow going 2-4 then I won out 10 straight to take it as well as most top honors of the league (Best record, most points, etc.)

I’ve been the commish since I founded the league four seasons ago, it’s about time I pass over the reigns. It will be nice to be able to relax and not deal with whiney babies! 🙂 Perhaps ill actually have the time to sit and study for a three-peat dynasty; or that could be my downfall. You never know.

I’ve really enjoyed this year, it certainly adds a new level of excitement to the football year. But, like every year the season is soon over with the playoffs starting. Then a LONG offseason…

Ravens in the AFC championship game!

As a devout Ravens fan, I thought I would share with you my thought’s on today’s playoff games.

Firstly, the Eagles and the Cardinals. The Eagles should clearly win this game, they are tough mentally and physically and have built up enough steam from midseason to beat any team, any day in this league. Being counted out and looked down upon they rose to the occasion and played like a real championship team. A very nice in your face to those who gave up and called for a witching. The Cardinals they are a good team, a team that deserves to be where they are but as far as seasons go they don’t stack up against the best.

Now, I got everything I asked for thus far and more in regards to the Ravens. They have had a great season and have exploded in the playoffs from 6th seed to team to beat. Being a real football fan in my mind I picked the teams to advance that were the most competitive team in the match-ups, not necessarily the teams that give the Ravens the easiest path to the Superbowl. So I got what I wanted a tough as nails, gritty, unearthing matchup at the unforgiving heinz field between the Ravens and the Steelers.

Even though the Steelers beat the Ravens in both meetings during the regular season (One by last second field goal and other by erroneous and questionable review call of a late Steelers touchdown) the Ravens have the defense and a good solid quarterback to ensure a victory.

So there is my quick and very perceptive analysis. Not much else to say really, but GO RAVENS!

P.S. I am still wallowing in the loss that was the Colts season, they had a heck of a run but couldn’t hang on against the Chargers in the end. As much as I want to see the Steelers lose I enjoyed watching them dismantle the Chargers last week in the divisional. But true champions know that you can’t win it all the time, do your best and you’ll be back on top in no time.