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It’s a repeat! The B Team take the Fantasy Football championship again!

This is the second year in a row I have won the Fantasy Football championship in our league.

Like last year, where I went 1-5 then 2-6 only to win out by tie breaker from there to win, I started out slow going 2-4 then I won out 10 straight to take it as well as most top honors of the league (Best record, most points, etc.)

I’ve been the commish since I founded the league four seasons ago, it’s about time I pass over the reigns. It will be nice to be able to relax and not deal with whiney babies! 🙂 Perhaps ill actually have the time to sit and study for a three-peat dynasty; or that could be my downfall. You never know.

I’ve really enjoyed this year, it certainly adds a new level of excitement to the football year. But, like every year the season is soon over with the playoffs starting. Then a LONG offseason…