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Not all clouds are formed the same. Mosso Cloud Sites vs. Media Temple GS

I wanted to shed a spotlight on some great research a friend of mine Chad did between two of the most well known cloud computing companies Mosso Cloud Sites and Media Temple GS. He methodically tested both with well known benchmarking tools and came up with some staggering results. Mosso knocked Media Temple to the mat with really no fight at all.

I cant stress enough the importance of quality in hosting to those who have a real need for a large amount of hosting and absolutely most importantly reliable hosting! There are many out there who are willing to risk the possibility of a little down time to save a few dollars, but honestly are you doing yourself a favor if your e-commerce site goes down and you lose out on a whole lot more than a few dollars?

I personally use Mosso Cloud Sites for my projects and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can check out his reviews here.