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Wow, An amazing day…

Catching my breath from such a great day, today was one of the greatest days ever. I was apart of something really special. My best friend Chad and his new wife Zahra were married! It’s hard to believe it’s here, a whirlwind the last year. I’ve just had a blast in the days leading up to this, writing my best man speech (freaking out about it), spending time with family and friends and made many new ones!

After seeing them off tonight I cannot help but reflect on what was just a happy amazing day. Even with little challenges everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time!

Even though I was so nervous, I didn’t horrible wreck my speech, and actually got some nice comments back on it. Can’t wait to see it once the video comes in. I also can’t wait to see all the pictures from today i know they will look great. I managed to snap a few pics when I could. As you can see just a perfect day.

Congrats again to my best friends Chad and Zahra! Enjoy that honeymoon!!

Trip to San Francisco

Just got back from visiting my sister Heidi in San Francisco. We had a great time and it was a very nice and needed mini-vacation! We did so much I was very happy that we got to see so much. Seeing the different parts of town were great, downtown by the pier’s were amazing. The parks were very cool and the amazing weather to go along with it all was great! Also, we took a drive down to the aquarium in Monterrey it was absolutely amazing…enjoyed every bit of it 🙂 I got to try some really good food too which was also great. I took many pictures but haven’t even had a chance to go through them all between a couple of digital cameras and iPhones so Ill post some now and some later…