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The all new iPad

So I finally got my hands on my new iPad! I love this thing! After having the previous 2 generations I can say I am happy to have this one. The retina display is excellent and super sharp. The AT&T 4G LTE service with it is sick!

Sad that it puts my home Internet to shame…the software is gradually getting better which is making my days easier and easier. For quite some time now I have used my iPad exclusively for school notes and group collaborations. Easy, light weight, and works in sync with everything else. I can’t wait for them to finish rolling out iCloud through iOS updates and the next generation Mac operating system mountain lion. For most things it’s already a seamless handling of all my media but to build n that the rest if my files and data is going to be epic!

Celebrating with indulgence.

I got to go to dinner with some friends to celebrate two birthdays tonight and I had a blast. We went to the melting pot, my first time their, and it was very cool. Some great food, conversation, and as you can see an amazing dessert. You didn’t see the oreo and snickers chocolate sauce to dip with….are you with me now? MMMMMM…..

iPhone 3G: Ridiculous!

So I have had my iPhone 3G for a couple of months now and it’s about time I put down my review of the update to the first generation iPhone. I can pretty much some it up in one word RIDICULOUS!

It’s just uncanny the sheer speed, ease, and useful it has been for me. Before I get to just how great this phone is I wanted to point out that it was not without it’s issues to start. It had some problems with slow loading of contacts, dropping calls, and installation of third-party apps. They have worked hard at it and all those issues have already been resolved via software update. Not to mention added features also being rolled out by Apple.

In any event, on to the features! To start lets talk integration with mobile me, their newly released service to replace .Mac for e-mail, calendars, contacts, and web storage. This integration allows me to have push e-mail, all my calendars, contacts with me at all times on my phone that are synched via the internet and my home computer. I have my phone numbers and listing of where I need to be with me at all times…It truly helps me stay organized.

The highly desirable GPS chip inside is more than I could imagine. Using real-time GPS allows me to find people, places, and information at in the most powerful way, adding that to the “3G” data network connection with it makes it lightning fast. I was sitting at home with my family while my sister was visiting and we were discussing making dinner reservations…we decided on a place and before my sister could finish talking about calling them up and getting the number to the restaurant I had already started dialing. It was literally about 7 seconds for me to pull up google maps, search, see how far it was from me, obtain the number and dial it. RIDICULOUS! RIGHT?!?!

Lastly, one of the most prominent additions was third-party apps. There are some really genius coders out their and they have dazzled with the apps they have come up with that use the built-in features 3G, GPS, Contacts ect. Overall making the iPhone a Continued success and a absolute pleasure to have by me.

Some features I am still waiting on:
App background notification
Copy and Paste

Can’t wait for another update…I want it now.