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Never stop, never quit, get it done.

Well, today makes it official…I finished up my work at St. Philips College and received an associates degrees in Economics and Business Administration, only to be accepted at the University of Texas at San Antonio to get my bachelors! I’m once again a Roadrunner! When I graduated high school I got my college start there and however how short that time was and long story that was, Im extremely excited to be back. It feels surreal really, a bit of dejavu mixed in with the unknown. I’m not far off from my goal, and going to make this the best thing ever.

Also, next year my school is going to start to participate in one of my favorite past-times, FOOTBALL! The road runners kick off in 2011! I can’t wait to be there (in my season ticket seats) cheering them on for the kick-off to there great program which is headed by a former national championship coach! So excited!

Keeping it Weird…

I got to go see one of the best concerts of all time…a true concert. Weird Al was back in San Antonio and rocked the majestic once again! This time we were able to score a bunch of tickets so we got a bunch of us to go and had a BLAST. If you haven’t seen his concert i highly recommend seeing him when you can. Not only does he have good music, he provides real entertainment to include costume changes every song and funny interlude videos. Real fun for the whole family. I wish I could see him again…already…whether its smells like nirvana, amish paradise, fat, or all about the pentiums he knows how to rock it. Even gets all up in the faces of the ladies in the audience…so funny. Check these out:

Gimme! Gimme! My iPhone 4

I have been waiting a long time (see my iPhone 3G post) for the next best iPhone. Well, its finally here and I have it in my hands!! It’s AMAZING. I love my new phone! I decided to wait a generation and I’m happy I did. I’ll keep my review for another post, but can you imagine what that’s going to look like? 🙂

Chad, Daniel, and I woke up extremely early and got to the mall many hours before the launch and found ourselves back in line about 100 people! but it didn’t take long for more to file in. Not to worry though, when it was time, with our reservations we were in front of the line. Enjoying free tacos and water, they really hyped up the experience we were in and out in no time. I had it in my hands and ready to go forth and prosper.

Now I have to sell my iPad so I can get the new one…anyone interested? LOL

Celebrating with indulgence.

I got to go to dinner with some friends to celebrate two birthdays tonight and I had a blast. We went to the melting pot, my first time their, and it was very cool. Some great food, conversation, and as you can see an amazing dessert. You didn’t see the oreo and snickers chocolate sauce to dip with….are you with me now? MMMMMM…..

Wow, An amazing day…

Catching my breath from such a great day, today was one of the greatest days ever. I was apart of something really special. My best friend Chad and his new wife Zahra were married! It’s hard to believe it’s here, a whirlwind the last year. I’ve just had a blast in the days leading up to this, writing my best man speech (freaking out about it), spending time with family and friends and made many new ones!

After seeing them off tonight I cannot help but reflect on what was just a happy amazing day. Even with little challenges everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time!

Even though I was so nervous, I didn’t horrible wreck my speech, and actually got some nice comments back on it. Can’t wait to see it once the video comes in. I also can’t wait to see all the pictures from today i know they will look great. I managed to snap a few pics when I could. As you can see just a perfect day.

Congrats again to my best friends Chad and Zahra! Enjoy that honeymoon!!

Rough em’ Rampage!

I always enjoy going to sporting events, and seeing the SA Rampage is no different. Scoring some free tickets from work to see them in action was great. To my surprise they put us right at the glass! A great experience, fun game, and we won a couple of shirts too! Can’t wait for next season!

Wishing the best!

I wanted to give a shout to my Best Friend Chad, and I am very excited for him and his fiancee Zahra on their upcoming wedding! So exciting I can’t wait, as I’ve been asked to be the best man. I am ready to Roast err… Toast him on their day.

Today Chad, Zahra, and I attended the Dave Ramsey seminar on becoming debt-free, while having a blast, I got to share with more than just them my wishes for success in their future.

It’s a repeat! The B Team take the Fantasy Football championship again!

This is the second year in a row I have won the Fantasy Football championship in our league.

Like last year, where I went 1-5 then 2-6 only to win out by tie breaker from there to win, I started out slow going 2-4 then I won out 10 straight to take it as well as most top honors of the league (Best record, most points, etc.)

I’ve been the commish since I founded the league four seasons ago, it’s about time I pass over the reigns. It will be nice to be able to relax and not deal with whiney babies! 🙂 Perhaps ill actually have the time to sit and study for a three-peat dynasty; or that could be my downfall. You never know.

I’ve really enjoyed this year, it certainly adds a new level of excitement to the football year. But, like every year the season is soon over with the playoffs starting. Then a LONG offseason…

Fish n’ Float the Chipola

I was in Montgomery for a tech conference last week, afterwards we went down to the Chipola for some fishing and a nice float. Which turned out to be a little more than we bargained for due to the recent storms in the area and the obstacles we had to overcome (Trees over the river etc.) but it was semi-relaxing and turned out overall to be pretty fun. I managed to get a few photos in between fishing and paddling for dear life before it got dark. Even saw a few hungry gators out and about… 🙂

My new car!

So I finally got my car! I have had a good opportunity to drive it, and I must say it’s amazing. I am enjoying it far more then I thought I would. It’s everything I wanted and more. As promised, here are some pics of it…sweet right?! If you want a ride $20/mile. 🙂